Chauffeurs and Drivers

Looking for a way to earn more money with your own Black Sedan or SUV?
Already an experienced chauffeur with your own vehicle and need of more fares?

DreamTeamDrive (DTD) is changing the way passengers move by providing the drivers with all the skills, marketing and resources needed for a superior transportation experience. Through the DTD Partner Program, we're also changing the way the modern chauffer builds their business.

DTD will provide you with the support to land larger prestigious clients on a consistent basis. If you already have clients, your clients will remain YOUR clients.

As a dedicated partner, we're committed to keeping your wheels turning!

Your Questions Answered

What is the Partner Program?
It's a relationship between DTD and Independent Professional Drivers to provide each customer with VIP executive car service in a high-end vehicle for a first-rate experience. DTD will provide corporate support and enhanced appearance to an Independent Driver. You're no longer all alone.

Who is it designed for?
Independent Professional Drivers who own their own vehicles and need support.

Grow your business with DTD?
We are committed to keeping you busy!

What cites does DTD operate?
Here is a list of the current markets: DTD Cities

What does DTD provide?

  • Transportation reservations to our partners
  • Marketing Support
    • Website
    • Email
    • Advertising
  • Online Reservation System
  • Dispatching 24/7/365

What does the Partner provide?

  • Professional Chauffeuring
  • Black VIP vehicle either Sedan or SUV

What is the Revenue Share?

  • Our Independent DTD Drivers / Partner Provides Service
  • DTD provides the Client via App
  • Partner will receive 70% of gross fare and any added gratuity

Can I choose my own Trips with DTD?
Our Independent DTD Drivers choose their trips on a "First Come, First Drive Basis" via App.

What we require of our Independent DTD Drivers / Partner?
Safety and comfort is of utmost importance for DTD. To maintain our high standards, we require that all partner vehicles are licensed and insured. Their vehicles must be technically perfect, look pristine and be smoke-free. Drivers must be professional, reliable and discreet. We also request that they all speak English, as well as the respective local language. Fill out the form and get started immediately — we can't wait to put you on the road!

There's no hassle with DTD: Easy-to-use website and mobile application, dispatching, no preferred partners, no registration fees, no journey forms to fill out, no need to carry cash. All you need to do is deliver a great customer experience and we will take care of the rest.


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We look forward to a long-term relationship with you!



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