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The Uber Alternative Philadelphia for Executives is DreamTeamDrive

Traveling for business is part of the job description for most executives, and removing unnecessary stressors from these trips is a great way to enjoy more success when on the road. The key is to properly prepare for your business trip before leaving home. This way, you’ll have more time to concentrate on the task at hand after arriving at your destination. If your business is in Philadelphia, don’t leave your transportation up to chance. While Uber forces you to hail a car after your plane has landed, there’s one Uber alternative in Philadelphia that offers everything you’ll need for a better visit to the City of Brotherly Love. DreamTeamDrive (DTD) has been addressing the unique needs of executive travelers since 2014, and we’re standing by to help you navigate Philadelphia in a safe and timely manner.

DTD removes the guesswork from navigating an unfamiliar location with a team of dedicated, experienced chauffeurs. Whether you’re headed for the hotel, an industry conference or a business lunch, you can count on your DTD driver to get you there without any unnecessary delays. While less prepared executives take the wheel in a rental car and fight traffic, you’ll be relaxing in a spacious sedan or SUV. While getting around town may seem simple, ensuring that transportation is taken care of can have a major impact on your professional success. Enjoy the true VIP service that you’ll only find with DTD by downloading the DTD app on your Android and iOS devices. With a rapidly expanding foothold in 30 of the most high-demand business markets in the country, we’re working to make business travel easier than ever before.

Safety and Convenience in the City of Brotherly Love

The foundation of every ride with DTD is safety. We’ve gone the extra mile to offer one of the safest executive transportation options you’ll find. To ensure that you’ll always be in great hands, all of our drivers are required to pass a comprehensive vetting protocol before taking the wheel. This process begins with a background check from the screening experts at Checkr, the same agency employed by Uber. From there, we also require our chauffeurs to pass regular drug screenings and annual physicals, and every car in the DTD fleet is commercially licensed and insured for added protection. The ultimate goal of every business trip is to return home safely, and we’ve taken this into account when developing our industry-leading executive transportation model. Reserve your ride today, and look forward to a more enjoyable visit to Philadelphia.

An Uber Alternative Philadelphia for Business Trips

A major drawback of relying on Uber for your business trip is its lack of advanced ride reservations. Instead of reserving a ride before leaving home, Uber requires riders in Philadelphia to request a pick-up after arriving at the airport. The way we see it, this just adds unnecessary complication to your visit. With DTD, you can reserve a ride around town from the comforts of home. Instead of competing with other travelers to hail the nearest Uber, you’ll be free to take a seat in a comfortable sedan or SUV, which will be waiting for you when you arrive. DTD is offering a more convenient approach to executive transportation, and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy the result. Experience the difference for yourself by reserving a ride through our intuitive mobile app today!

Surge Pricing is No Longer a Problem

If you’ve ever requested an Uber after a sporting event or concert, you’re probably all too familiar with surge pricing. This confusing mechanic increases the cost of getting around town based on current rider demand. When business is on the docket, this sort of unpredictability can have a serious impact on your travel budget. With DTD, surge pricing is never a concern. We offer two affordable pricing options that never fluctuate based on demand. Choose between our standard pricing, which includes a nominal fee and a modest mileage charge, and our flat rate pricing, which is billed by the hour. In either case, getting around Philadelphia without breaking the bank is always an option. For additional information, visit our website or give us a call. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

If a trip to Philadelphia is in your future, reserve a ride with the Uber alternative that’s designed to meet the unique needs of business travelers. Download the DTD app on your mobile devices, and prepare for a more enjoyable ride around town.

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