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Uber Transportation Company in Houston, TX

Uber is the new standard for ridesharing and executive car service. As we talked about in our last post, they provide more convenience, options, and services than taxis in addition to being safer and more cost-effective. In almost every way imaginable, Uber with DreamTeamDrive is far superior.

Adding to this superiority is the accessibility of Uber compared to regular cabs. Hailing a cab street side is easy enough in cities like New York, DC, and Los Angeles, but what about Akron, Ohio or Albuquerque, New Mexico? What about Waco, Texas or Tuscaloosa, Alabama? You’d be hard-pressed finding taxicabs in these cities, but not anymore. Uber now operates in hundreds of cities across America as well as 53 other countries around the world.

Mid-size cities like Houston, Texas are reaping the benefits of Uber as well. In every city Uber operates out of, they extend their reach to the outlying towns as well. In the Houston area, you can hail an Uber from Galveston to Hempstead, from Freeport to Conroe. All told, the service area of Uber’s Houston operation covers close to 100 square miles.

Say you lived in the Baytown neighborhood and needed to get downtown to the Museum of Fine Arts, you could have an Uber driver take you there for as little as $34. Or, if you wanted to ride in style and show up in a black town car service, you could do that for around $100. See, Uber provides its customers with options. UberX is the basic service, akin to the taxicabs we’re all familiar with. In the Houston area, Uber also operates UberXL, UberSELECT, UberBLACK, and UberSUV. The SUV service is perfect when you have a group of four or more friends together who can split the fare.

The luxury of the UberBLACK service comes in the form of Lincoln Town Cars or a BMW 5-Series. With Uber, your entrance will certainly be impressive as well as safe and easy. The Uber app for iOS, Android, and Windows allows users to call a cab to their exact location with a simple tap on their smartphones. The app also allows you to get fare estimates before hand, see where drivers are located in real time, and see a picture and leave reviews of your driver.

If you’re in the Houston area, Uber with a DreamTeamDriver is an ideal transportation option. Give us a call at anyone of the phone numbers at the bottom of this page to reach drivers in your area.

Why You Should Choose Uber Over a Taxi

Uber has swept the ridesharing market off its feet. In just about every possible way, Uber cabs have outperformed taxis and have supplanted them as the choice form of transportation for business travelers, tourists, and regular city-dwellers. Uber is more convenient, cheaper, provides more options and services, and is safer than taxis.

Uber makes transportation so easy. Instead of walking out to the street and hoping a cab drives by soon, Uber has an app that lets you call a cab to your exact location with a few simple taps on your phone. Brian Kelly, better known as The Points Guy, is an expert in maximizing travel and he exclusively uses Uber these day, “Mainly because it’s so easy,” he says. “I like being able to push a button and see exactly where vehicles are and choose between UberX (cheaper) and SUVs when riding with 4 or more friends.”

Another way Uber makes transportation convenient is their billing process. “[Uber] automatically bills the… credit card you have on file,” says Kelly. He also adds that “gratuity is included, so no arguing with the taxi driver about whether they only take cash, waiting for a receipt, or any other little inconvenience like that.”

Business Insider’s Sara Silverstein put together a great piece on the pricing differences between Uber and taxis. Her conclusion? That in every city except New York, Uber is cheaper (as long as you’re using UberX). In almost all cases, Uber is cheaper even before you factor in gratuity for the taxi driver. As Kelly said, Uber rates already include tips for the driver, so while those rates stay the same, the pricing difference becomes even more pronounced once the 10-20% tip for taxi drivers is factored in. With convincing visuals, Silverstein also highlights how Uber cabs become cheaper the faster the car is moving (hence why NYC, with its stop-and-go traffic, is the only city where Uber is not cheaper). Thus, the further you have to go and more freeways you’ll be on, the more sense Uber makes.

Uber has five types of vehicle options: UberX, UberTAXI, UberBLACK, UberSUV, and UberLUX. Those looking to ride in style get picked up in Cadillacs or Mercedes sedans with the LUX service. Black town cars have long been a staple for business travelers and executives on their way to meetings.

However, Uber’s options don’t just end with their variety of cars, but extends to the services they provide as well. Programs such as UberFRESH for food delivery, UberHEALTH where they administered free flu shots on demand, and UberFAMILY where those traveling with little ones can request a top-of-the-line IMMI Go car seat for their Uber all add to the great product line. When riding in taxis, parents have to deal with the anxiety of adult-sized lap belts for their children, if any exist at all.

Protection of your precious cargo is just one of the ways Uber has made transportation safer. One major thing Uber allows for, something that we at DreamTeamDrive emphasize as well, is safety. Standing out on the street corner, waiting to jump into a stranger’s car is not the safest of activities. With the Uber app, your driver comes to you, not you to them. This is especially valuable for well-off executives who don’t need to be advertising their vulnerability waiting for a cab to arrive. Uber also allows you to leave and read reviews for all their drivers. This helps to create accountability and ensures drivers are on their best behavior at all times.

When you need a ride, selecting an Uber partner like DreamTeamDrive is the clear choice.

Uber Sets New Beat in Rider Experience with Spotify Feature

Ever on the edge of innovation, Uber has partnered with Spotify to musically customize each rider’s Uber experience. The new Uber app feature allows riders to choose their own music, from Spotify, to play through the Uber car’s speakers.

All the rider has to do is activate the Spotify feature in their Uber app, request the ride, climb in and enjoy. All Uber drivers need is an AUX cable and the latest version of the Uber driver app.

When the driver receives a ride request from an Uber user who has enabled the Spotify feature, a music note will show up in the driver’s app next to the rider’s name. The driver activates the feature, and once the trip begins the rider can use their phone to control the music in the car.

As of now, the Spotify feature is only available for drivers with iPhones, though it’s fairly safe to assume Uber will make the feature available for Androids at a later time.

We’re excited to offer this feature to our DreamTeamDrive (DTD) customers!

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