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Top Class Service to Meet Your Transportation Needs

Getting around town isn’t how it used to be. The days of taxis and rental car companies dominating the transportation landscape are long gone, and that’s great news for travelers in search of something more. DreamTeamDrive (DTD) is a transportation network company offering top class service to customers in more than 30 of the most high-demand markets around the country. Similar to industry giants like Uber and Lyft, DTD puts your next ride at your fingertips whenever you’re ready to get going. Unlike those companies, though, we remain nimble enough to address the specific needs and requests of our growing customer base. Features like surge-free pricing and advanced ride reservations may be out of reach for Uber customers, but they’re just par for the course when you take a spin with your friends at DTD. Whether you need to hit the road for business or just a night out on the town, there’s no time like the present to check out the benefits of riding with DTD. Download the free DTD App, and enjoy a better ride around town!

Personalized Transportation with Different Size Options

One of the biggest benefits of renting a car when visiting a new city is the chance to choose a vehicle that suits your specific needs. Sometimes, a standard taxi just doesn’t fit the bill for your trip. That’s why DTD offers a selection of unique transportation options designed to make your ride as comfortable and accessible as possible. The DTD fleet features both luxurious sedans and spacious SUVs in a number of markets for your convenience. If you’re traveling alone, DTD Black could be a great choice. DTD Black service includes a stylish sedan and our most affordable pricing to help you stretch that travel budget farther. If you’ve got some companions on your trip, you’ll want to check out a DTD SUV. Featuring competitive rates and all of the top flight service perks you’d expect from a growing executive car service, DTD SUVs are a roomier alternative that won’t break the bank.

To see the transportation options in your city, visit

An Intuitive App that’s Always at your Fingertips

The backbone of the DTD experience is the intuitive DTD App, which is currently available to download for free on both Android and iOS devices. Last month, we gave our customers some insight into the recent improvements of the DTD App, and we’re happy to say that those updates have been well-received. If you haven’t taken DTD for a spin in the past few weeks, we’re guessing that you’ll really enjoy the streamlined options and features currently available in the app. Still, we’re not resting on our laurels. We’re constantly working to improve the DTD App in order to make it among the very best in the transportation industry. More updates are on the way as we continue to work toward pushing the transportation market forward. True VIP service is what the DTD difference is all about!

To download the DTD App, visit for Android or for iPhone

DTD has established a spot among the leaders in the transportation industry in recent years, and we’re working hard to ensure that things only get better moving forward. Next time you’ve got to hit the road, whether it’s for business or pleasure, take DTD for a spin. We’ll handle the headaches associated with traffic and complicated directions, so you’ll have more time to enjoy the ride. The DTD fleet features vehicles of multiple sizes to meet your specific needs, and the easy-to-use DTD App makes hailing your first ride as simple as a few swipes on your phone. Take advantage of our top class service by reserving a ride today!

True VIP Service from DreamTeamDrive is Springing Up in New Markets

DreamTeamDrive (DTD) was founded in 2014 with a simple goal: to provide true VIP service at affordable rates. Over the years, this guiding principle has helped us expand from a regional upstart serving a few cities across Texas to an industry leader with a presence in more than 30 of the most high-demand markets around the country. With the weather warming up and springtime now in full swing, we think it’s a great time to announce that DTD is preparing to spring up in even more markets in the coming months. In other words, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the top quality service that’s synonymous with DTD practically anywhere in the United States that you need to go. If you’ve never taken DTD for a spin, now is the perfect time to get started. Just take out your mobile phone, and download the free DTD App. It’s available on both Android and iOS devices, and it’s your ticket to a better ride around town. With the DTD App, getting from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ is as easy as a few swipes of your finger!

We’re Eyeing Expansion in High-Demand Markets

DTD got its start as an executive-focused transportation solution for professional travelers in the Lone Star State, which helped us develop some of the most innovative and customer-friendly options you’ll find in the industry. We remained committed to uncommon features like advanced ride reservations and surge-free pricing as we expanded into new markets across the country, and now we’re preparing to do it again! The word is out about DTD’s true VIP service, and rising demand has us on the cusp of another wave of expansion into even more of the country’s biggest transportation markets. Expect to hear more about our entry into new cities later this year, and get ready to experience the benefits of riding with DTD on an even larger scale.

To check out the full list of DTD markets, visit

The Acclaimed DTD App Just Keeps Getting Better

The DTD App has always been your portal to a great ride around town, but we’re continuing to refine the technology and improve the experience for our valued customers. The latest update was focused primarily on improving booking functionality. If you haven’t taken DTD for a spin in a while, we’re guessing that you’re going to really enjoy the streamlined options. We continue to hear great things about the DTD App from our customer base, but we’re constantly working to make things even better. Stay tuned for future updates as we continue to improve our service. We’re working to drive the transportation market forward, making getting around town a more pleasurable experience no matter where your travels may lead. After all, pushing the envelope to improve customer service is kind of our thing!

To download the DTD App, visit for Android or for iPhone

Some transportation network companies may choose to rest on their laurels and put improvements on the backburner, but DTD remains focused on improving our offerings and exceeding your expectations. Whether you’re hitting the road for business or pleasure, trust your friends at DTD to make navigating the often hectic traffic of major cities a stress-free experience. Download the free DTD App to get started, and take advantage of the option to reserve rides ahead of time when schedules are tight. The truth is, whether you’ve got elaborate plans or are taking a spontaneous trip, the steadily growing DTD fleet is a great travel resource. With one ride, you’ll understand why our customers can’t get enough of the DTD difference!

Choose DreamTeamDrive (DTD) for All of your Transportation Needs

DreamTeamDrive (DTD) has become a favorite of executive travelers in high-demand markets around the country, and for good reason. Our commitment to providing true VIP service to each and every customer puts us on par with the industry’s very best. It’s worth noting, however, that DTD is much more than a simple executive car service. No matter where your travels may lead – whether you’re headed for the airport, the game, the mall or the cruise ship – reserving a ride with DTD is the best way to take traffic headaches out of the equation. Since 2014, we’ve grown from a regional transportation network company serving major markets across Texas to a nationwide leader with a presence in more than 30 cities. Today is a great day to take DTD for a spin! To get started, take out your mobile phone and download the free DTD App. It’s available now for both Android and iOS devices. With the DTD App in your pocket, exceptional transportation is never more than a few swipes away!

We’re Here to Handle All of your Transportation Needs

Today’s transportation market is all about convenience. The days of calling a taxi company and waiting on the curb for 20 minutes are long gone, and that’s great news for your next night on the town. DTD offers the on-the-spot service that today’s travelers have come to expect, and that’s helped us establish ourselves as one of the fastest-growing transportation network companies in the United States. With a few taps on your mobile device, you’ll have access to the sizable DTD fleet, with the option to ride in either a comfortable sedan or a spacious SUV in many of our operating markets. While huge companies like Uber make headlines for their rider quantity, DTD remains committed to offering quality service and exceeding the expectations of our valued customers. Don’t take our word for it! Download the DTD App, and experience the DTD difference today!

To download the DTD App, visit for Android or for iPhone

Top Quality Service to the Airport, the Game, the Mall or Anywhere Else you Want to Go

DTD is built to meet the unique needs of executive travelers, meaning that we offer a few important benefits that you won’t find with some of the industry’s most recognizable names. Consider, for example, the ability to reserve rides in advance. While Uber fails to offer this option in the vast majority of its markets around the planet, DTD customers have the ability to reserve rides in any of our 30+ markets before leaving home. The way we see it, options are never a bad thing. Instead of looking for an Uber after your plane lands, just walk outside and take a seat in a luxurious sedan or SUV with DTD. Another benefit of DTD is our affordable, predictable pricing. While Uber subjects customers to its dreaded Surge Pricing mechanic, which can lead to fares of as much as 50 times normal rates, DTD can help you preserve your budget without sacrificing on quality.

For more information on DTD’s affordable pricing options, visit

When you think DTD, you may think executive transportation, and you wouldn’t be wrong if you did. However, the benefits of riding with DTD can extend well beyond business trips. Reserve a ride to the airport, to the game, to the mall or to the cruise ship, and make getting from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ a more enjoyable experience. Get started today by downloading the free DTD App. With a growing fleet and a presence in many of the most high-demand markets across the country, there are a lot of advantages to hitting the road with your friends at DTD!

DreamTeamDrive (DTD) is Ready to Drive you Today

The holidays are over, and 2017 is now in full swing. Still, it’s never a bad idea to keep those New Year’s resolutions in mind as you turn your attention toward another successful year. For DreamTeamDrive (DTD), our resolution remains the same year after year: to give each and every customer VIP service 100 percent of the time. These days, the transportation market is flooded with pop-up transportation solutions and fly-by-night taxi companies looking to make a quick buck without putting in the time and effort to truly stand out in one of the world’s most rapidly evolving industries. Wading through these substandard options to find the true gems of the ongoing transportation renaissance can be a tough task, particularly when it comes to visiting unfamiliar cities around the country.

With a presence in more than 30 of the most in-demand markets in the U.S., DTD is the solution to this confusion. Our commitment to exceptional service has earned us a spot among the fastest-growing transportation network companies in the game, and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to put this commitment to work for you!

Top Quality Service from Point to Point

With modern technology, few things are more important to consumers than convenience. Calling a taxi company and waiting 20 minutes for your ride to show up may have cut the mustard a decade ago, but today’s travelers expect on-the-spot service that’s available at a moment’s notice. That’s why we offer the intuitive DTD App. Our free app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices, and it’s the easiest way to request a ride around town in any of our operating markets. A few swipes on your mobile device are all that stand between you and a safe, efficient and enjoyable ride in one of the luxurious sedans or SUVs that make up the growing DTD fleet. While major industry players like Uber and Lyft target quantity over quality, DTD customers have come to expect the type of service that you’d find with an expensive executive car service at rates that won’t break the bank. Get started today by downloading the DTD App!

To download the DTD App, visit for Android or for iOS

Taking the Guesswork out of your Next Trip

As previously mentioned, Uber and its biggest competitors don’t always offer the service or options that you’ll need to make your next business trip or family vacation more enjoyable. Consider, for example, Uber’s decision to omit the option for advanced ride reservations in the vast majority of its markets. The way we see it, the key to professional success is proper preparation. That’s why DTD gives you the option to reserve a ride in any of our 30+ markets before ever leaving home. Not only will you be able to ensure that you’ve got a driver when you arrive at the airport, you’ll also be able to properly budget your trip. With Uber, fluctuating rates driven by the dreaded Surge Pricing mechanic make this sort of predictability all but impossible.

For more information on DTD’s affordable pricing options, visit

Finding true VIP service that won’t break the bank isn’t always easy, but that’s exactly what you’ll get when you reserve a ride with DTD. Since our launch in 2014, we’ve stayed true to our founding principles of reliability and affordability, and this dedication has helped us establish a position in some of the most competitive transportation markets in the country. Experience the benefits of riding with DTD for yourself, and enjoy a level of service that you won’t always find with some of the industry’s bigger players. Get started by downloading the free DTD App on your Android and iOS devices. DTD is ready to drive you today!

Ring in the New Year with DreamTeamDrive (DTD)

January is here, which means that 2016 is history. Looking forward to the New Year, all of us here at DreamTeamDrive (DTD) are excited to continue building on the solid foundation we’ve established in major transportation markets across the United States. By now, our customers have come to expect truly exceptional service whenever taking a ride with DTD, and we remain committed to providing top quality rides that combine industry-leading safety standards with the comfort and style you’d expect from a leading executive car service. While it’s true that the holiday season has come and gone, the benefits of riding with DTD are here to stay. You may be thinking that talk is cheap, but there’s no need to take our word for it when it comes to this Uber alternative. Just download the free DTD App from the App Store or Google Play, and your next trip will never be more than a few taps away.

Our New Year’s Resolution is True VIP Service

For some, the holidays are a great chance to kick back and unwind. For others, they’re jam-packed with stressful travel and budget-stretching expenses. No matter which camp you find yourself in, DTD gives you the transportation tools needed to get back in the swing of things. All too often, New Year’s resolutions are associated with overly-ambitious goals and short-lived fantasies, but DTD is flipping the script this year with a firm goal of continuing to meet and exceed the expectations of our hard-working customers. If you’ve come to rely on DTD’s stringent safety standards and unmatched reliability to meet your professional objectives, there’s no reason to change course in 2017. DTD has a growing presence in more than 30 of the most high-demand markets in the country, and we’re looking forward to expanding our foothold in the evolving transportation market in the coming months. Learn more about the DTD difference by checking out our mobile app!

To download the DTD App, visit for Android or for iOS

DTD is the Uber Alternative Offering Rides to Super Bowl LI

The calendar may tell you that the holiday season is gone, but football fans know that the most wonderful day of the year is still to come! We’re talking, of course, about Super Bowl LI, which is set to kick off on February 5 in DTD’s home market of Houston. With the playoffs getting underway later this week, there’s no time like the present to finalize those travel plans if a trip to NRG Stadium is in your future. Skip out on Uber’s budget-busting surge pricing and the unpredictability of traditional taxis. With two affordable pricing options and a fleet of luxurious sedans and SUVs standing by for the big game, DTD is the best value in town. Dodge the traffic nightmare and give yourself more time to enjoy the festivities by booking your ride today. Spots are filling up fast!

For more information on DTD in Houston, visit

It’s no secret that the transportation market is more competitive than it has ever been, and only companies bringing true innovation and quality to the table can thrive in that sort of environment. DTD recorded strong growth throughout 2016, and we’re looking to build on these results now that 2017 has officially arrived. Whether you’re flying in for a big event or just in search of a better transportation option for visiting clients, there’s no need to settle for the one-size-fits-all approach of some of the industry’s bigger names. Download the free DTD App on your Android and iOS devices, and let’s make your next trip memorable for all of the right reasons!

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