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The holidays are over, and 2017 is now in full swing. Still, it’s never a bad idea to keep those New Year’s resolutions in mind as you turn your attention toward another successful year. For DreamTeamDrive (DTD), our resolution remains the same year after year: to give each and every customer VIP service 100 percent of the time. These days, the transportation market is flooded with pop-up transportation solutions and fly-by-night taxi companies looking to make a quick buck without putting in the time and effort to truly stand out in one of the world’s most rapidly evolving industries. Wading through these substandard options to find the true gems of the ongoing transportation renaissance can be a tough task, particularly when it comes to visiting unfamiliar cities around the country.

With a presence in more than 30 of the most in-demand markets in the U.S., DTD is the solution to this confusion. Our commitment to exceptional service has earned us a spot among the fastest-growing transportation network companies in the game, and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to put this commitment to work for you!

Top Quality Service from Point to Point

With modern technology, few things are more important to consumers than convenience. Calling a taxi company and waiting 20 minutes for your ride to show up may have cut the mustard a decade ago, but today’s travelers expect on-the-spot service that’s available at a moment’s notice. That’s why we offer the intuitive DTD App. Our free app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices, and it’s the easiest way to request a ride around town in any of our operating markets. A few swipes on your mobile device are all that stand between you and a safe, efficient and enjoyable ride in one of the luxurious sedans or SUVs that make up the growing DTD fleet. While major industry players like Uber and Lyft target quantity over quality, DTD customers have come to expect the type of service that you’d find with an expensive executive car service at rates that won’t break the bank. Get started today by downloading the DTD App!

To download the DTD App, visit for Android or for iOS

Taking the Guesswork out of your Next Trip

As previously mentioned, Uber and its biggest competitors don’t always offer the service or options that you’ll need to make your next business trip or family vacation more enjoyable. Consider, for example, Uber’s decision to omit the option for advanced ride reservations in the vast majority of its markets. The way we see it, the key to professional success is proper preparation. That’s why DTD gives you the option to reserve a ride in any of our 30+ markets before ever leaving home. Not only will you be able to ensure that you’ve got a driver when you arrive at the airport, you’ll also be able to properly budget your trip. With Uber, fluctuating rates driven by the dreaded Surge Pricing mechanic make this sort of predictability all but impossible.

For more information on DTD’s affordable pricing options, visit

Finding true VIP service that won’t break the bank isn’t always easy, but that’s exactly what you’ll get when you reserve a ride with DTD. Since our launch in 2014, we’ve stayed true to our founding principles of reliability and affordability, and this dedication has helped us establish a position in some of the most competitive transportation markets in the country. Experience the benefits of riding with DTD for yourself, and enjoy a level of service that you won’t always find with some of the industry’s bigger players. Get started by downloading the free DTD App on your Android and iOS devices. DTD is ready to drive you today!

Trust DreamTeamDrive to Get you to the Big Game in Houston

The big weekend is finally here! Whether you’re a fan of Atlanta, New England or just football in general, nothing quite stacks up against a trip to the NFL championship game. By now, you’ve probably got most of the arrangements in place for the weekend, whether we’re talking about game tickets or hotel accommodations, but one bit of planning that often slips under the radar for travelers is transportation after the plane touches down. Getting from the airport to your hotel and from your hotel to NRG Stadium on February 5 can be a stressful and costly endeavor if you don’t play your cards right. Makeshift “taxi” companies are sure to spring up, offering their services at a premium, and established transportation network companies like Uber have implemented unpredictable pricing mechanics that jack up the rates when demand is at its highest.

Luckily, there’s a better option for football fans in Houston this weekend. DreamTeamDrive (DTD) is the Uber alternative in Houston offering top quality service without the budget-busting price tag. Year-round, DTD remains committed to offering true VIP service to executive clients operating in more than 30 of the most high-demand markets around the country. When it comes to a big sporting event, this dedication to exceptional service translates perfectly. The way we see it, going to the Super Bowl is costly enough without unexpected add-ons. Protect your budget and your sanity by navigating the fearsome Houston traffic in style with your friends at DTD. Get started by downloading the free DTD App on your Android and iOS devices. Then, a great ride around town is always just a few swipes away!

The Uber Alternative in Houston that’s Committed to Safety

Safety is always a top priority with DTD. The transportation network industry has seen its fair share of fly-by-night operations springing up with substandard safety protocols, so it’s important to find a car service that takes your safety as seriously as you do. With DTD, every driver is required to pass a comprehensive background screening from the experts at Checkr, the same agency employed by industry giants like Uber. From there, we insist on regular drug screenings and annual physicals, and every sedan and SUV in the DTD fleet is commercially licensed and insured for added protection. A trip to Houston for the Big Game should be a chance to kick back and have a great time. Avoid unnecessary delays and less-than-ideal circumstances by depending on the executive car service that serves business travelers in Space City all year long. Ride with DTD!

Advanced Ride Reservations for Stress-Free Travel

In business, a little bit of preparation can go a long way toward ensuring success, so why shouldn’t this theory translate to leisure travel? DTD gives customers the option to reserve rides in any of our more than 30 markets before leaving home, meaning that your car will be waiting whenever your plane arrives. Uber, on the other hand, forces its customers to wait until the last minute to hail a ride, injected a dose of uncertainty that could loom over a big trip like a missed extra point. Put your mind at ease this weekend by reserving your ride with DTD today. With the DTD App, getting started is a breeze, and nothing says “Play like a Champion” quite like a weekend of seamless transportation experiences.

An Uber Alternative Houston with No Surge Pricing

Surge pricing is, by far, the most unpopular feature of Uber’s rapidly expanding business model. This complicated mechanic raises fares when rider demand is high, meaning that your ride to NRG Stadium could end up setting you back as much as 50 times normal rates. With the Super Bowl in town, we think it’s a pretty safe bet that demand will be high this weekend! When you reserve a ride with DTD, worries about surge pricing become a thing of the past. We offer two affordable pricing options that never fluctuate based on rising demand. Whether you go for our flat rate option or our standard billing, you can ride in style without breaking the bank. Time is of the essence! Download the DTD App, and reserve your rides with DTD today!

Whether you’re pulling for the Falcons or the Patriots, we’re all looking forward to the grand spectacle that the Super Bowl always creates. Get to the game in style without blowing the budget by reserving a ride with Houston’s hometown transportation network company; hit the road with your friends at DTD.

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