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How DreamTeamDrive Stands Out as a Black Car Service

A number of rideshare options are popping up these days. The two most popular of the bunch are Uber and Lyft. Uber, in particular, has dominated the market and has all but replaced the need for the regular taxicabs in many areas. They offer a variety of services, including UberBLACK, which provides customers with high-end, limo-style rides. As DreamTeamDrive continues to expand our service offerings, how do we stand out as a black car service?

Safety. DTD perfectly blends the expected comfort and style of a black car service with safety precautions. As Charles Tenney, of the Arlington, Texas-based Tenney Group said, “Anybody can buy a car, but going out and recruiting chauffeurs that are safe, that are experienced, that keep your customers coming back—that’s a major problem.” The Tenney Group consults on a wide range of ground transport issues in Texas, DTD’s home state.

DreamTeamDrive stands out from the pack because we have made the recruiting of top-notch chauffeurs who are experienced a top priority. We feel very confident that every customer will walk away pleased after each encounter with our drivers. They greet you kindly, they know all the routes and construction areas to avoid, and they place your safety at the top of their priority list.

Corporate program. Many of our customers are frequent business travelers who make multiple trips a year to our operating cities. Those who enroll in our corporate program can enjoy the same superior black car service at reduced rates and guaranteed driver priority. Corporate clients receive flat-rate priority service, automatic and centralized billing, on-call transportation, and the same class and sophistication you deserve.

Through our combination of DTD Business, unmatched safety precautions, and mobile technology, we provide an excellent black car option. DreamTeamDrive currently operates in the Texas cities of Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. We will soon be expanding our service to Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Clearwater, FL; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Indianapolis, IN; Miami, FL; Orlando, FL; Phoenix, AZ; Saint Petersburg, FL; and Tampa Bay, FL. Few other rideshare companies can boast that kind of national exposure and all the features we provide.

Give us a call today to find out more: 281-676-5700

Taxi Service Alternative in Houston, TX

When you first arrive in Houston, whether at George Bush International or Hobby Airport, the last thing you want to do is deal with the inconvenience of finding a taxi. Taxi drivers feast on situations of high demand, such as airport arrivals. Why put up with potentially overbearing taxi drivers, clamoring to get your business? Instead, choose a company who values your patronage and provides a comfortable and VIP-level ride to your Houston destination. DreamTeamDrive (DTD) is a reputable company offering a taxi service alternative in Houston, TX.

DTD Houston Drivers

Our superior service starts with our drivers. You don’t have to deal with a taxi driver who moves around town like a madman, taking questionable routes, and “accidentally” getting stuck in traffic or a construction zone. Our drivers know the ins and outs of the entire Houston area. They know which routes to avoid for both time and safety concerns.

Every encounter with a DTD driver is professional and courteous. Our drivers respect your privacy, but are always available to answer questions about the city. Whether you’re in Houston for business or pleasure, you’ll feel safe and comfortable in the presence of our excellent chauffeurs.

Perhaps most importantly, every single one of our drivers is reliable. Getting around town, especially when you’re on business, shouldn’t be a gamble. When you choose DreamTeamDrive, you don’t have to wonder whether your ride will show up or even be on time.

Houston Black Car Service Cost

Many people think taxicabs are the only option within their budget. At DreamTeamDrive, we understand that there are always places to go and people to see, but believe you shouldn’t have to empty your wallet getting there. As such, we are proud to offer two affordable transit options:

● Standard Rate: $15 base + $0.35 per minute + $3.45 per mile
● Flat Rate: $75/hr + $37.50 per 30 minutes after first hour

Our standard rate follows the same rules as a taxicab. Our customers constantly tell us that the superior service and comfort we provide more than make up for the slightly higher costs. The unreliable nature of taxi services also comes into play here as well. It’s very hard to predict how high that taxicab meter will rise if you get stuck in traffic because the driver took a bad route.

With our flat rate, riders can receive even better value. If you need to move around town a lot, you certainly need an alternative to a taxi service. Those fares will add up quickly. As the fourth-largest city in the nation, Houston has plenty to offer and you don’t want to shortchange your visit. Getting around safely, comfortably, and reliably can be challenging, but not with DTD.

If you’re looking for a taxi service alternative in Houston, Texas, give DreamTeamDrive a look. We’re proud to serve this beautiful, bustling metropolis with prompt, affordable, high-class transportation to any of the city’s countless destinations. Give us a call today at 281-676-5700 with any questions or to book a ride.

Black Car Service in Houston, TX

Black car services demonstrate a certain level of credibility and sophistication. Arriving in a classy town car is a great way to make a good impression on your colleagues or business partners. Likewise, sending a black sedan to pick up your guests also makes them feel valued and important. As one of the leading providers in Houston, Texas, DreamTeamDrive delivers credibility and sophistication in all we do.

As part of our continued and ever-evolving efforts to deliver the best service to our customers, we have partnered with a number of well-respected institutions. DreamTeamDrive is now official partners with Blacklane, Uber, GroundLink, Verizon, Bank of America, and Authorize.Net.

With these partnerships, we continue to establish the DreamTeamDrive brand as a name you can trust. It is our goal to provide the best black car service in Houston and every other city we operate in, and that needs to start before you ever contact us. If we have established trust and credibility among business travelers and locals alike, then we have already put you at ease when working with us. This is what we will continue to strive for.

Another way in which the DreamTeamDrive team is developing credibility is through our expanding services. We started our black car services in Houston, but have since expanded to Austin (need a ride to SXSW, anyone?) and San Antonio. The goal of our black car service is to bring riders and drivers together to make cities more accessible. With Houston, Austin, and San Antonio running at full steam, we continue to rapidly expand the DreamTeamDrive presence to bring people and their cities closer.

Our future expansion plans include the following cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Clearwater, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, Miami, Orlando, Phoenix, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and Tampa Bay.

While we are making cities more accessible, we always want to do it with style, class, and sophistication. Getting around town doesn’t need to mean relying on unpredictable buses or taxicabs. DreamTeamDrive provides every customer with VIP black car service in a high-end vehicle for a first-rate experience. As the proud operators of the finest service in the Houston area, we are committed to providing safe, comfortable, and hassle-free transportation wherever you want to go.

We also believe that sophisticated travel shouldn’t mean burning a hole in your wallet. There are always places to go and people to see and schedules changes frequently. We don’t think you should be penalized for this, which is why we have created two affordable transit options. In Houston, our town car service has a standard rate, which is a $15 base plus $0.35 per minute and $3.45 per mile, as well as a flat rate of $75/hour and $37.50 for every 30 minutes thereafter.

To schedule your VIP ride in Houston, visit our reservations page, or give us a call at 281-676-5700.

Houston, TX Town Car Service

Those who choose a town car service over taxi cabs are looking for comfort, reliability, and premium service. As a Houston, TX town car service, DreamTeamDrive (DTD) provides all of those things and more.

Every time you hire a town car from DTD, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be clean, comfortable, and classy. Our luxury sedans are regularly maintained and detailed. Our courteous chauffeurs also go out of their way to provide the utmost comfort. They handle all the details of commute to your exact specifications. If you’re in Houston and want a 5-Star VIP town car service from the time you make your reservation to the moment we drop you off, then DreamTeamDrive is for you.

Hailing a cab street side is an unreliable proposition at best, and at worst, a dangerous one. Not only are DTD town cars and drivers safe, but we also guarantee timely departure and arrival no matter where you’re going in the Houston area. With our reliable service, you’ll experience more time for productivity and less to worry about. We are also committed to serving our customers with physical disabilities. We don’t believe that any special needs should prevent you from receiving the best and most reliable town car service in Houston.

Premium Service
Speaking of premium service, DreamTeamDrive delivers it in spades. Our commitment to excellence starts at the moment of booking. We take every precautionary measure to protect your personal data and adhere to the highest ethical standards in transaction processing. All of our customer’s information is kept confidential – be it booking details or business conversations you have in our luxury sedans.

Once we make contact with you, our professional drivers take the experience to a new level. All DTD drivers will first approach and introduce themselves to each customer. They will then ask how to accommodate your specific needs and ask for your preference in stowing any baggage. Every driver listens to and follows our customer’s reasonable feedback and instruction. Additionally, every DTD driver prioritizes safety above all else. They will never text or talk on the phone while driving, and make every effort to avoid routes that could endanger the integrity or physical safety of your ride.

Whether you’re in Houston, TX for business or pleasure, DreamTeamDrive’s town car service is here to exceed your transportation needs. Our prompt, affordable, and high-class sedans can get you to any of the city’s countless destinations, whether it be downtown for work, a Rockets, Astros or Texans game, NASA’s Space Center Houston, Discovery Green, the Galleria, the airport, or any of the numerous city parks and shopping districts.

Give us a call today at 281-676-5700 to find out how we can meet your Houston, TX town car needs.

Black Car Service to Houston Airport

When you’re in the Houston area for business, tracking down a shuttle bus or rideshare van to get back to the airport is the last thing you want to deal with. Instead, you want luxury, class, and style with convenient and simple booking, and personalized service. This is what you will get with DreamTeamDrive’s (DTD) black car service to any Houston airport.

We firmly believe that the service we provide, from initial booking to first contact, to the quality of our cars and drivers, and to the time we say farewell, is far superior to any of the other options you will be presented with.

Our black town car service in Houston is available to and from any of the major airports as well as surrounding municipal airports. Your most common destination will be George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston (IAH), located 23 miles north of downtown Houston. Bush Intercontinental Airport served close to 40 million passengers in 2013, making it the 28th busiest airport in the world and the 12th busiest in North America in terms of passenger traffic.

Business travelers who are a part of United Airline’s loyalty program will certainly be flying into IAH, as it is United’s headquarters and largest hub with 800 daily departures. In addition to United, Bush International’s many airlines operate flights throughout the United States, as well as to Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The 30 destinations in Mexico that can be reached from IAH are more than any other U.S. airport.

Hobby Airport (HOU) is Houston’s second largest airport and is located seven miles south of downtown. Having been in operation for 80 years, Hobby is set to become an international airport by 2016. Currently, passengers have nonstop or direct access to more than 40 destinations throughout the U.S.

DreamTeamDrive is also proud to offer black car service to military personnel. DTD drivers are available to and from any military base or training facility in the Houston area. Whether you’re heading to Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base, Coast Guard Air Station Houston, or any other military facility, DTD is here to get there you in style.

If you need the reverse service and would like a black car to pick you up upon arrival at any of the above airports, we can gladly arrange that for you as well. Simply follow the signs to baggage claim and one of our professional and highly knowledgeable drivers will be waiting for you in the baggage claim area holding a sign with your name on it.

DreamTeamDrive provides prompt and professional service to get you to and from your destination on time and in style. We offer two pricing options to best suit your specific needs. Our black car sedans are always spotless and provide the ultimate in class. We prioritize a worry and hassle free service for you. For black car service in Houston, give us a call today at 281-676-5700.

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