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Our Approach to Town Car Service Accessibility

At DreamTeamDrive, we are committed to ensuring all of our valued clients receive comfortable, VIP-level town car services. As part of this service philosophy, we offer town car services that are accommodating of all transportation needs – including any needs relating to physical disabilities.

For people with disabilities, transportation can be difficult. It is our mission to ensure you arrive at your location on time, in style, and in comfort. Here are the ways in which we take every effort to give you a first-rate town car service experience.

How We Ensure Town Car Service Accessibility

Professional driver training.

Our driving professionals have gone through training to meet all client transportation demands. They are educated in boarding and de-boarding protocol. And they adhere steadfastly to high standards for disability awareness and etiquette.

They can fulfill the transportation needs of individuals with wheelchairs, service animals, or assistive devices. In other words, no matter what you require, you can count on receiving prompt, attentive, and first-class service from our trained, professional drivers.

High standards for our town car service.

With our town car service, our clients come first. We pledge your complete satisfaction, and as a result, we have high expectations for our DreamTeamDrive chauffeurs.

Our driving professionals perform the following:

  • Approach every client and introduce themselves personally
  • Inquire as to how they can fulfill specific client requirements
  • Store any assistive devices in the manner as the client prefers
  • Allow for service animals to travel on the floor of the car with clients
  • Actively listen to and accommodate reasonable client feedback and/or requests

In other words, from start to finish, each client is given the high-end service and professionalism which they deserve.

Stringent compliance with required laws

On top of delivering a premium town car service experience, we expect our driving professionals to comply with all laws pertaining to transportation of riders with disabilities. All DreamTeamDrive drivers abide by a licensing agreement, in which they agree to strictly adhere to laws governing accommodation of riders with such needs.

As a result, this applies to accessibility laws relating to persons with service animals. Our town car service driving professionals are also expected to make the maximum effort possible to accommodate riders with walkers, canes, folding wheelchairs, or other portable assistive devices. Reports of discrimination will lead to DreamTeamDrive carefully evaluating the incident and the involved driver undergoing a temporary suspension during investigation. A confirmed violation can subsequently lead to permanent loss of employment with our town car service.

Learn More About Our Town Car Service

At DreamTeamDrive, we deliver five-star, VIP-level town car services for clients in Houston, TX and Austin, TX. We plan to expand to San Antonio and many more cities in the future. Please visit our About page for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Uber Sets New Beat in Rider Experience with Spotify Feature

Ever on the edge of innovation, Uber has partnered with Spotify to musically customize each rider’s Uber experience. The new Uber app feature allows riders to choose their own music, from Spotify, to play through the Uber car’s speakers.

All the rider has to do is activate the Spotify feature in their Uber app, request the ride, climb in and enjoy. All Uber drivers need is an AUX cable and the latest version of the Uber driver app.

When the driver receives a ride request from an Uber user who has enabled the Spotify feature, a music note will show up in the driver’s app next to the rider’s name. The driver activates the feature, and once the trip begins the rider can use their phone to control the music in the car.

As of now, the Spotify feature is only available for drivers with iPhones, though it’s fairly safe to assume Uber will make the feature available for Androids at a later time.

We’re excited to offer this feature to our DreamTeamDrive (DTD) customers!

What to Look for in a Corporate Car Service

Corporate car services serve as an essential component to any business trip. Whether you yourself are hitting the road or you’re welcoming guests to your city, choosing the right car service is vital. These companies go by many names — town car services, black car services, executive car services — but the bottom line remains the same: you need a company that is trustworthy, reliable, impressive, and safe.

DreamTeamDrive is the corporate car service you’re looking for. Here’s why:

DTD places integrity and honesty at the forefront of their business practices, from headquarters to individual drivers. When you’re on a business trip, you’ll often be discussing confidential matters and using secure data. DTD protects that personal data at all times. All transactions are completed with the highest ethical standards in an effort to keep your information confidential.

Executive and corporate clients in need of a regular, reliable, and official transportation provider need not look any further. With DTD, corporate clients receive flat-rate priority service, ensuring that a luxury vehicle is always available to you and your company. With on-call transportation services, even last-minute requests are given the highest priority.

Let’s face it, whether you’re showing off your transportation to guests or riding yourself, you want others to be impressed. Business trips, after all, are all about being impressive and that starts from the moment you get off the plane.

DTD’s 5-Star VIP service starts the moment you make your reservation and continues to the moment they drop you off. From pickup to destination, this corporate car service moves you in style, class, and comfort so you can focus on business.

Every DreamTeamDrive driver is put through a full and comprehensive background check. These professional, trained, and vetted drivers have all been drug tested and undergone a complete criminal background check at the city, state, and federal levels. The safety checks don’t stop after the initial hire, either. Every driver receives an annual physical and must continually maintain proper licensure and insurance. These safety precautions mean your ride is fully covered by commercial liability insurance.

Moreover, the DTD drivers have unparalleled knowledge of the city’s layout, routes, and even construction and accident updates. They prioritize the safest route every time. It probably goes without saying, but they also never text or talk on the phone behind the wheel.

To learn more about DreamTeamDrive’s corporate car service in the Houston area as well as their various pricing options, give us a call today at 281-676-5700.

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